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What We Campaign For Membership and Standing Order Form 2016

AGM Report 2016

AGM Resolutions 2017

WIDF Steering Committee, Moscow - 27April to 2 May 2014. Final Declaration, European Office Report and Resolution re. Umut Kuruc.

Conference report
Women's Assembly Against Authority

Conference report
Women Power and Politics 2012

Sisters in Solidarity
The first 60 Campaigning years of the NAW

WIDF XV Congress, Brazilia - women of the whole world building the fair peace with rights,equality and development.
Congress Picture

Delegates from the National Assembly of Women joined delegates on 9-12 April 2012 to celebrate the WIDF XV Congress.

The speech by Vinnie Burrows, WIDF representative at the United Nations, was greeted with acclaim. Read

The concluding session agreed 5 Statements:
Imperialist Wars, Aggression and Peace
The Capitalist Crisis and It's Impact on Women
The Impact of Climate Change on Food Security
Women's Approach for Equality, Diversity and Peace
The Ethnic and Cultural Diversity of Women

Final Declaration to guide our work over the next four years


Venezuela Report
The 14th Congress of the Women’s International Federation (WIDF) 2007

European Manifesto
Summary of the document agreed at the WIDF European Regional Meeting

Resolutions carried unanimously NAW AGM 11 May 2013

Green Paper: A State Pension for the 21st Century

Letter to EHRC from Dona Feltham
President of NAW

The Gender Impact of the Cuts
A TUC cuts briefing, November 2010

Report recently produced by the Equality and Human Rights Commission

The Fightback Starts Here
Report of Charter for Women Conference on Saturday 30 October 2010

Coalition Cuts are a direct attack on Women
Statement from Margaret Boyle on behalf of the NAW Executive Committee

A Charter for Women
A campaigning programme adopted by trade unions and women’s organisations which aims to re-vitalise the fight for women’s liberation

The State Pension
The state of the state pension after 13 years of New Labour

NAW State Pension Leaflet
Even more women's state pensions are going up under the condemns

Pensions Campaign 2002 – 2006
The NAW Pensions Briefings were sponsored by UNISON, the State Pension at 60 Alliance, the Women’s Trust Fund and the National Pensioners’ Convention.

1. February 2002 Government policy = Poverty for Women.

2. September 2002 – Minister for Women – A Unique Policy for the solution to women’s poverty in retirement.

3. November 2002 – Summary of NAW response  Government Pensions Committee into the future of pensions.

4. March 2003 – Summary of NAW response to Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) Green Paper ‘Simplicity, Security and Choice: working and saving for retirement’.

5. September 2003 – NAW Priorities for Action.

6. March 2004 – For a state pension system based on women’s needs in place of a system designed by men for men.

7. March 2005 – NAW response to Pensions Commission first report.

8. September 2005 – Towards a new radical pensions settlement

9. March 2006 – NAW response to Turner Report, Chair of Pensions Commission

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