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NAW documents 

Text of NAW motion carried at the People’s Assembly conference 14 January 2023

NAW statement, signed by progressive women’s organisations, on the situation in Iran October 2022

NAW report to WIDF Europe November 2021

Flier for NAW autumn seminar 2021 

NAW report to WIDF Europe July 2021

Membership and Standing Order Form

Motion carried at 2020 AGM Impact of Covid-19 on women

Annual Report 2019-20

NAW input to the UN Special Rapporteur on the rights to freedom of peaceful assembly and association, June 2020

NAW submission on Covid-19 to the Women & Equality Select Committee, May 2020

Annual Report 2018-19

Annual Report 2016-17

AGM Report 2016

Women’s Assembly Against Austerity conference report, 22 February 2014

Resolutions carried at the NAW AGM, May 2013

Women, power and politics: sisters fight back, NAW conference report, November 2012 

Sisters in Solidarity: a history of the first 60 campaigning years of the NAW, 1952-2012

NAW leaflet Even more women’s state pension ages are going up under the ConDems, March 2012

NAW report of WIDF seminar on human trafficking, Lisbon, February 2012 

NAW response to the Green Paper A State Pension for the 21st Century, June 2011

NAW letter to EHRC The Impact of Spending Cuts on Women, November 2010

The fightback starts here NAW report of the Charter for Women conference, November 2010

Coalition cuts are a direct attack on women NAW statement, October 2010

NAW summary of the WIDF European Manifesto, May 2010

NAW document The state of the state pension after 13 years of New Labour, March 2010

NAW report of the WIDF XIV Congress, Venezuela, April 2007

NAW pensions campaign 2002-2006. The NAW pensions briefings were sponsored by Unison, the State Pension at 60 Alliance, the Women’s Trust Fund, and the National Pensioners’ Convention 

NAW response to DTI consultation on a Single Equality Body, 2004

NAW response to the DWP Committee Childcare Inquiry, February 2003

NAW report of the All China Women’s Federation visit, March 1997

WIDF documents

Statement of the Movement of the Democratic Women of Israel 9 October 2023

Statement to all WIDF organisations Political prisoners under threat of execution 3 January 2023

Speech by Annie Raja, vice president of the WIDF, to the November 2022 World Peace Council meeting in Hanoi

Democratic Organisation of Iranian Women, statement on the killing of Mahsa (Gina) Amini 23 September 2022

WIDF statement on Hiroshima – 77 years after Hiroshima, women demand peace, democracy and sovereignty for peoples

Skevi Koukouma reflects on WIDF Congress 2022 and the impact of war and imperialism on women

Statement on Colombia May 2021

Update on WIDF European Section meeting, September 2020

Statement on Covid-19 from the Women’s International Democratic Federation, April 2020

WIDF Steering Committee Report, Moscow, 27 April to 2 May 2014. Final Declaration, European Office Report and Resolution re Umut Kuruc

Preamble to the WIDF XV Congress, Brazil, April 2012

The speech by Vinnie Burrows, WIDF rep at the United Nations, at the WIDF XV Congress, April 2012

Statements agreed at the WIDF XV Congress on Imperialist wars, aggression and peace; The capitalist crisis and its impact on women; The impact of climate change on food security; Women’s approach for equality, diversity and peace; The ethnic and cultural diversity of women, April 2012 

The final declaration of the WIDF XV Congress, April 2012

WIDF Direction Committee, Cyprus, June 2003

Other documents

The Charter for Women, March 2023

The Gender Impact of the Cuts A TUC cuts briefing, November 2010

How fair is Britain? Report to parliament from the Equality and Human Rights Commission, October 2010